Latest information Specs and Price Asus Zenfone AR

Latest information Specs and Price Asus Zenfone AR – This phone has a thin bezel on the side, but the top and bottom bezels sizable increases the overall height of the phone. It runs on Android 4.4 KitKat OS that comes with this Gionee Amigo 2.0 skin. In front of the camera, you get an 8MP rear camera and 2MP front camera. Gionee put on its own custom skin on his mobile. Amigo 2.0 UI last seen on Asus Zenfone AR and eHidup S5.5 well. It comes with a lot of pre-loaded applications that are useful because they tend to use a lot of RAM.

Although installing new applications only a few, I found only 200MB of memory that can be used and despite the continuous optimization, RAM usage will still be more than 60 percent. One can only imagine what would happen if you install a lot of new applications. Fortunately, you can remove some non-proprietary applications are neatly categorized into the game, equipment and other applications. Amigo proprietary applications including paper, themes, colors and User Feedback. But it would be much better Gionee reduce the bloatware.


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